Those cavemen (and women) really knew what they were doing. They ate about as clean as possible. Of course, this wasn’t really by choice as the foods they had available were limited, but this doesn’t mean they should be congratulated any less.

If you are searching for an easy diet to follow that will allow you to drop unwanted pounds and get rid of fat quickly, just ask yourself what did they eat in the prehistoric times and try your best to follow their lead.

It all begins with protein. Protein is the building block for the body and will supply you with plenty of amino acids. Not only does protein build muscle, especially when combined with strength training, but when eaten, it occupies more space in your stomach so you feel fuller for a longer period of time.

There is a reason why you can eat a bag of chips and a package of cookies and still feel hungry, but if you eat a hamburger, you are full for a couple of hours. Highly processed foods, foods that carry little nutritional value, are calories that will make you fat over time as you can eat away and seldom feel satiated. Stick with a diet that has plenty of protein and those pounds will be flying off.

In prehistoric times, they mostly drank water. Can you imagine how much weight you will lose if you give up soda and other sugary drinks? Of course, now and then they would also get creative and smash up fruits and vegetables in their water for more flavor. Feel free to do that as well! You can also drink milk as this will provide you protein and give you a break from only water now and then.

Fruits and Vegetables
Load up at the grocery store and purchase as many fruits and vegetables as you can. There are some people who will worry about some fruits that have supposedly high sugar content and they will also worry about vegetables that are said to contain quite a few calories. Keep it simple! If you are eating these items instead of processed foods, you will be in fine shape!

Don’t Forget the Extras
When committing to this diet, make sure you also eat plenty of nuts, types of seeds, and other food items such as these. Go ahead and eat oatmeal every morning and don’t think twice about it! When you are eating these foods, you are giving up everything else. Don’t beat yourself up because you have oatmeal with plenty of fruit in it when the sun comes up.