There is a proper etiquette that everyone should follow once they step foot into the gym. Call it the unspoken rules if you will. Whether you are new to the gym or have been going for years, there is a good chance you are not quite following correctly a few of these bylaws. Here are 10 codes for the gym you should always keep in mind.

1. Do Keep Your Phone Fiddling to a Minimum
There is nothing more frustrating than walking into a gym and seeing everyone playing with their phone instead of working out. Should it really take you half an hour of sitting on the flat bench to figure out the perfect lifting soundtrack? Not only are you preventing yourself from making gains, but you are halting others from using whatever equipment you are on. Leave your phone in the car if you can’t stop yourself from taking the latest gym selfies.

2. Do Ask for Help If Needed
If you aren’t sure how to do an exercise properly, ask someone who looks like they know what they are doing. You may just make an unexpected friend from it.

3. Do Give Others Compliments
It’s amazing how one compliment from a stranger at the gym can make all the difference in someone’s day. Don’t hold back. If you notice someone is really working hard, let them know you can appreciate it. If you see someone that has their body in the shape you are wanting for yourself, let them know. The world needs more of this.

4. Do Wipe Down the Equipment You Use
Even if you aren’t sweating all over a piece of equipment, it only takes a few seconds to clean it. In this day and age, the other members are noticing.

5. Do Be Friendly with Everyone
Why do people avoid eye contact at the gym? If you are squeezing by to grab a weight and invading someone’s personal space, smile and say hello. It’s okay to smile at people instead of acting like a caged animal.

6. Do Perform Your Exercises in a Timely Manner
If you are spending more than ten minutes on a machine or bench while strength training, then you are taking too long in between sets. Waiting a minute or so between sets for you to catch your breath is fine, but much longer than that, you should vacate the machine and let others work in with you if needed.

7. Do Remember Names
It’s great that you strike up a conversation with other gym members now and then. However, make an effort to remember their names so it will be less awkward the next time you talk with them.

8. Do Clean Up After Yourself
If you don’t put away your weights and anything else you are using during your workouts, others will notice. Clean up after yourself and the other members will appreciate it.

9. Do Keep Your Grunting on the Down Low
No one wants to be next to the person that is groaning and grunting through their workout. To put it simply, it is quite embarrassing. Letting a growl escape your lips now and then is fine, but if you are making noises during almost every exercise, you really should think about working out only at home.

10. Do Restrict Your Posing
It’s fine to admire your form now and then in the gym mirrors, but if you are doing more posing than lifting, then perhaps we have a problem.